Taskflo™ is pleased to announce that we have partnered with NextGen Strata, a leading strata management company to provide compliance and intelligent task management Solution developed to improve contractor management, workflow process and workplace safety.

Taskflo in partnership with Strata Republic

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What This Partnership Means For Contractors

We at NextGen Strata greatly value our relationship with you and are committed to improving contractor engagement, workflow process and workplace safety.

Taskflo™, a contractor management, prequalification and compliance management service is the perfect strategic partner utilised by numerous real estate, strata, building and facilities management and government agencies.

Following an extensive due diligence process, Taskflo™ has developed an easy to use platform for you our contractors and clients that will greatly improve our partnership and your business. Taskflo™ will streamline our prequalification, quoting and work order management process and deliver greater visibility across our partnership with you and the greater Taskflo™ network.

Once you have registered and completed the prequalification requirements you will be part of the NextGen Strata preferred contractor list and will be able to continue to provide services to NextGen Strata.

To continue to provide services to NextGen Strata, we ask that, if you are not already registered with Taskflo™, you register with Taskflo™ by 26 February 2021. If you’re a Taskflo™ member already, no action is required and Taskflo™ will link your company to NextGen Strata.

NOTE: Registration for NextGen Strata Contractors is free. All contractors will now be required to register their free account with Taskflo™ and get verified to continue providing services to NextGen Strata. We thank you in advance for your participation and look forward to both maintaining and enhancing our relationship with you.

If you have any questions you can contact the NextGen Strata Operations Support Team on 02 888 00 998 or email support@nextgenstrata.com.au

For further information on the process to register, please review the on-boarding process below. Taskflo™ will support you during the on-boarding and prequalification process, if you have any questions or need support through the registration process, please contact Taskflo™ on 1300 850 837 or email nextgen@taskflo.com.au.

In the weeks leading up to 26 February, 2021 a representative from Taskflo™ will call any unregistered partners as a courtesy, followed by the on boarding welcome pack in the period ahead. 

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Step 1: 18 February 2021 - Engagement with NextGen Strata employees and contractors

  • NextGen Strata communicates our partnership with Taskflo™ to contractors

  • Contractors receive an email with information about Taskflo™ and an invitation to join Taskflo™

Step 2: To 26 February 2021 - Start existing contractor prequalification and registration on Taskflo™

  • Contractors who have agreed to join Taskflo™ will receive instructions on how to get prequalified, on-boarded and linked to the NextGen Strata network.

  • The registration process requires all contactors to upload a copy of your Certificates of Insurance meeting NextGen Strata insurance requirements, and all other NextGen Strata prequalification requirements as outlined in the prequalification pack.

  • Once verified, your company will become active in Taskflo™ and available for continued engagement by NextGen Strata and other clients within the exclusive Taskflo™ network.

*Note: By 26 February 2021 incumbent contractors must have registered with Taskflo™ and started the NextGen Strata prequalification process.

Step 3: 1 March 2021 onward - Taskflo™ platform available for new contractors

  • All new contractors wishing to provide services to NextGen Strata are required to be on-boarded via Taskflo™

  • NextGen Strata teams will use Taskflo™ to start the new contractor on-boarding process and Taskflo™ will connect the new contractors to NextGen Strata.

*Note: From 26 February 2021 new contractors must be registered and prequalified in Taskflo™ to continue providing services to NextGen Strata.

Step 4: 1 March 2021 - Ongoing support for NextGen Strata Employees and Contractors

  • Contractors are expected to have completed registration and the NextGen Strata prequalification process.

  • NextGen Strata and Taskflo™ will continue to support contractor and NextGen Strata employees as we become used to this new way of working together.

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Dedicated Support Team

If you require further information on the Taskflo™ registration process, please reach out to the Taskflo™ Registrations Team on the details below who can assist you in your registration.

Phone: 1300 850 837 
Dedicated Email address: nextgen@taskflo.com.au

Frequently asked questions

What is Taskflo™?

Taskflo™ offers a contractor pre-qualification, compliance management, quote and work order management system, providing our clients and their partners the ability to centrally manage contractor quoting, work order management, on-boarding and contractor compliance with statutory obligations, such as insurances and verify safe systems of work.

How will this benefit Contractors?

  • Safety and Compliance: Access to Taskflo™ team of Safety Professionals to educate, improve, and better comply with the safety expectations and regulatory requirements. Ensuring contractors fully understand all requirements and how to meet them.
  • New business: Connecting contractors to other clients that use Taskflo™ opening the possibility for additional work opportunities and to better manage current staff efficiency and workloads. The ability to manage, grow and scale your business including quoting, workforce management and invoicing.
  • Discoverable: Contractors can be found by other clients looking for prequalified contractors
  • Support: Dedicated compliance support, safety management system advice on program deficiencies, templates and advice from HSEQ professionals.

Can I use Taskflo for my existing business?

Taskflo™ is a fully integrated intelligent task management system used by many large private and public organisations. In addition to your access to your clients network, Taskflo™ can be used by you and your organisation to manage your own contractor and subcontractors works within the existing licensing arrangement

What is the cost to the Contractors?

There is no fee to join Taskflo™ to work with with the that invited you.

Note: Linking to additional Taskflo™ clients will incur an additional cost.

What happens when subcontractors are used?

The Taskflo™ team will work closely with contractors to ensure their subcontractors meet the clients prequalification requirements. During the prequalification process, there will be a few questions related to the use of subcontractors, including insurance and health, safety, environment and quality responsibilities.

Once your company is registered and you become compliant, you will be able to add each individual subcontractor employee under your company (as if they were your own employee).

As advised above, each employee registered attracts a $15 fee (however Taskflo™ have waived this fee for all invited contractors.

What if a contractor is already a member of Taskflo™?

If you are already a member of Taskflo™, no action is required to connect. If your company’s minimum level of compliance does not meet this clients standard, Taskflo™ will contact you directly and request you to update your company information to ensure compliance with our requirements.

What happens if the Contractor refuses to register with Taskflo™?

Only contractors who register for Taskflo™ will be included in our cleints preferred contractor list. Failure to register will result in exclusion from future bids. Other contractors who have had their information verified through Taskflo™ will be selected instead of those who are not prequalified. This ensures minimum standards can be maintained.

How do contractors get registered with Taskflo™?

  1. Register Online. Each contractor must register on the Taskflo™ website and complete the Company prequalification, company profile and upload all relevant information in order to get Taskflo™ Verified, linked to your clients and made active in the Taskflo™ system.
  2. Get Pre-qualified. Begin the qualification process by registering and completing the on-boarding process and submitting the annual update information online.
  3. Provide your insurance and other documentation. Upload a copy of your Certificates of Insurance and other documentation meeting our clients prequalification requirements.
  4. Active status. Once you have achieved active status, you will be rated as compliant in Taskflo™ and available for engagement by your client and other clients within the Taskflo™ Exchange contractor network.

Please note that any information you provide to Taskflo™ will be governed by the Taskflo™ privacy policies and end user license agreement available at www.taskflo.com.au

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