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Be safe and reduce risk and compliance with industry leading end-to-end employee and contractor risk and compliance management, 

verification and live monitoring.

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 Control risk. Ensure compliance. 

 Remove the pressure and engage Taskflo™ to manage your contractor compliance obligations. Taskflo™ develops, implements and improves the way you manage and monitor employee and contractor risk and compliance. Our team of dedicated professionals review, train and guide, and our system continually monitors and alerts in real-time. Providing a true end-to-end solution for all your trade compliance needs.

Chart Your Path to Success

Assess your compliance
Access experience and employ an industry leading audit methodology that uses a cycle and risk based approach. Get certainty as we review and audit compliance against established audit criteria such as ISO45001:2018 or SafetyMap. Get clarity, we assess compliance against corporate standards, policies and procedures.

Assess your trades and contractor's compliance
We supercharge compliance by understanding your trades and contractor's compliance, their legal obligations and your internal requirements. Get clear and understand your organisation's enterprise and operational risk when managing trades and contractors. De-risk and relax knowing that all documents are reviewed and uploaded. Let go as trades and contractors are interviewed, provided guidance and verified down to the tools™. Get smart and let Taskflo™ automate document compliance and reduce noncompliance. 

Safety climate assessment
Get real, let Taskflo™ build a picture of your safety culture. Check and measure your WHS awareness, evaluate the accessibility and relevance of current procedures. Check to ensure employees are applying the tools they are provided with. Assess and confirm your organisations safety commitment, strategy, management credibility, leadership, openness to change and communicate. Taskflo™ is proven and has the tools to improve the values, attitudes and behaviours of management, operational teams and employees.

Strategy creation

Taskflo™ will define your safety journey and improve safety compliance. We assist clients with improving current state, developing future state and the journey required to get there. Together we identify the objectives, strategies and actions needed to improve WHS. We design the mechanisms for monitoring strategic plans to ensure successful execution and application. Trust Taskflo™ to deliver your safety goals.

WHS management system
Breathe new life into your system and improve and integrate your WHS management system with Taskflo™. Together we refine and re-energise system frameworks, policies and procedures. We establish links between the management system and core business functions and provide all the tools and technology to ensure successful application and management.

WHS training

Ensure employee, trade and contractor awareness and understanding through robust training and remote learning. Together we tailor client needs and blend company requirements, local knowledge, systems, working environment and industry operational tasks to provide practical and relevant training accessible from any device anywhere.

WHS and Environmental risk management
Let Taskflo™ design and implement risk management processes both strategic and operational and refine existing WHS and Environmental risks on business. Improve awareness, reduce the impacts of poor risk management practices today with Taskflo™


Discover the Possibilities

Work smarter and make better business decisions by choosing Taskflo™ to  manage your Trade compliance. Allow us to assess compliance of all high hazard contractors engaged against WHS regulations and your internal requirements. Let us validate the implementation of WHS procedures and requirements on site (your facilities) while conducting high hazard works. Get real about safety and compliance, choose Taskflo™

Best Practice Process

Unlock value with our end to end solution powered by Taskflo™. Tap into industry—leading people and process to improve risk and compliance. Our team is highly skilled and experience, drawing from an extensive background in property, facilities management, transport, high hazard facilities and the petroleum industry.