Taskflo Connect™

Transform your Facilities Management business with a single platform for employee and contractor management.

Glass Buildings

Connect your enterprise with tailored digital workflows.

 Take control of work order chaos with digital workflows on a single, unified platform. Taskflo Connect™ workflows enable you to bridge the gap between traditional work order practices and the needs of the modern business.

Chart Your Path to Success

Modernise and automate contractor management
Deliver great service experiences. Automatically identify and resolve issues. Align initiatives across strategy and operations to boost productivity.

Create a high-performing organisation
Deliver services with ease, visibility and transparency. Automate workflows to help you manage risk, reduce vulnerabilities and optimise spend.

Run workorders at digital speed
Scale your workorder capacity by leveraging our verified marketplace and improve productivity. Increase services levels and standards. Reduce risk by integrating trade compliance management by Taskflo™.

Take control of your assets
Improve efficiency with increased visibility into the full asset lifecycle. Optimise costs and automate intuitive workflows across your organisation. Reduce costs while improving efficiency. Track lifecycle costs, utilisation, and contracts.

Keyboard and Mouse

Discover the Possibilities

Work smarter and make better business decisions with powerful insights and AI capabilities. See what benefits you can achieve when you know what assets you have, who uses them, and how much they cost. Learn more about our single-platform solution for managing your assets.

Best Practice KPIs and Dashboards

Unlock value with tailored dashboards for measuring your Taskflo™ processes and apps. Tap into industry—leading metrics and benchmarks to improve performance.